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 national anthem, British - in 1745
  - brief account
 National Army Museum (London)
 National Art Collections Fund
 National Assembly - Versailles in 1789
 National Assistance Act - of 1948
 National Conservation Commission - 1908
 National Constituent Assembly - in 1789
 national convention - in US from 1831
 National Covenant - of 1638
 National Cycle Museum - Lincoln
 National Debt (in Britain)
 National Eisteddfod - since 1860
  - and Plaid Cymru
 National Exhibition Centre (Birmingham)
 National Film Theatre (London)
 National Front - in Colombia 1958-74
 National Gallery (London)
 National Gallery of Scotland
 National government - in Britain from 1931
  - brief account
 National Guard - in France in 1789
  - as the French revolutionary army
 National Health Service - introduced in 1948
  - takes over hospitals
  - brief account
 National Health Service Act (1948) - and public health
 National Heritage Memorial Fund
 National Horseracing Museum - Newmarket
  - and Eclipse
 National Hunt (the term)
 National Insurance Act - of 1911
 National Insurance Act (1911) - and sickness benefit
  - Act of 1946
  - brief account
 National Islamic Front - in Sudan
 Nationalist Home Rule party - and Redmond
 Nationalist Party - 'purified' by Daniel Malan
 nationalization (in Britain)
 National Liberals - and Bismarck
 National Library of Scotland
 National Library of Wales
 National Maritime Museum (Greenwich)
 National Motor Museum - Beauliu
 National Museum of Photography, Bradford
 National Museum of Transport - Glasgow
 National Museum of Wales
 National Party - origins in South Africa
 National Poisons Information Service - history
 National Portrait Gallery (London)
 National Railway Museum (York)
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