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 Moshoeshoe - king of the Sotho
 Moshoeshoe II - king of Lesotho
 Mosisili, Pakalitha - prime minister of Lesotho
 Mosley, Oswald - and British Fascists
  - brief biography
 mosquito - carrier of yellow fever
 Mosquito (aircraft)
 mosquito control - and malaria
  - and dengue fever
 Mosquito Coast - and bananas
 Moss, Stirling
 Moss Bros
 Mossel Bay - reached by Bartolomeu Dias
 Moss Side (Manchester)
 Mosul - and Saladin
 Mother Goose
 Mothering Sunday
 mother of parliaments - claimed by England
 Mothers' Union (in Britain)
 Moto-cross (in Britain)
 motorcycles (in Britain)
 motor racing (and the British)
 Motor Show (in Britain)
 Mott, Lucretia - and women's suffrage
 motte-and-bailey - or mound-and-bailey
  - and the Normans
 Mottisfont Abbey, Hants
 Mountain - in the Convention of 1792
 Mount Athos - Greek Orthodox monasteries
 Mountbatten, Louis
 Mountford, E.W. - Old Bailey
  - Sheffield town hall
 Mount Fuji - and Hokusai
 Mount Gilboa - victory for the Philistines
 Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) - formed in 1873
 Mount Ithome - in Messenia
 Mount Olympus - in Greek mythology
 Mount Stewart, Co Down
 Mousa (Shetlands)
 Mousetrap, The (Christie)
 mouth organ - in ancient China
 movable type - in earthenware
  - in bronze
  - in type metal
  - and woodcut illustrations
 Movement for Multiparty Democracy - Zambia
  - tour through time
 Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario
 Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru
 Moyses Hall - Bury St Edmunds
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