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 Morte Darthur - by Thomas Malory
  - brief account
  - Caxton
  - Beardsley
 Mortimer, Edmund - and Owain Glyn Dwr
 Mortimer, Roger - and Edward II
  - Chirk Castle
  - and Edward III
 Mortlake - and the Raphael cartoons
  - and Richard Burton
 Mortlake tapestries
 Morton, earl of - regent for James VI
 Morton's Fork
  - examples, 1st-4th century AD
 Moscow - capital city of Russia from 1326
  - sacked by Golden Horde
  - sacked by Tatars in 1547
  - occupied by Timur
  - and Napoleon in 1812
  - capital again from 1918
  - Germans in 1941
 Moses - and the departure from Egypt
  - and his five books
  - as a prophet in Islam
 Moses - by Michelangelo
 Moshoeshoe - king of the Sotho
 Moshoeshoe II - king of Lesotho
 Mosisili, Pakalitha - prime minister of Lesotho
 Mosley, Oswald - and British Fascists
  - brief biography
 mosquito - carrier of yellow fever
 Mosquito (aircraft)
 mosquito control - and malaria
  - and dengue fever
 Mosquito Coast - and bananas
 Moss, Stirling
 Moss Bros
 Mossel Bay - reached by Bartolomeu Dias
 Moss Side (Manchester)
 Mosul - and Saladin
 Mother Goose
 Mothering Sunday
 mother of parliaments - claimed by England
 Mothers' Union (in Britain)
 Moto-cross (in Britain)
 motorcycles (in Britain)
 motor racing (and the British)
 Motor Show (in Britain)
 Mott, Lucretia - and women's suffrage
 motte-and-bailey - or mound-and-bailey
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