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 Mentmore Towers
 Mentuhotep II (sometimes numbered I) - Egyptian pharaoh
 Menuhin, Yehudi
 mercantile theory - in the 17th century
 Mercator, Gerardus - cartographer
  - and map projection
 Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare)
 Mercia - Anglo-Saxon kingdom
  - brief account
 Mercier, Honoré - premier of Quebec
 Mercury - surface temperature of planet
 Meredith, George
 Merina dynasty - in Madagascar
 Merit, Order of
 meritocracy - in ancient China
 Merlin (magician)
 Mermaid (tavern)
 Meroe - capital of the Cushite dynasty
 Merovingian dynasty - and Merovech
 Merrimack - encounter with Monitor
 Merry Wives of Windsor - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Mers el-Kébir - French fleet in 1940
 Mersey (river)
 Merseyside Maritime Museum - Liverpool
 Merthyr Tydfil - and Keir Hardie
  - first locomotive on rails
 Merton - first Oxford college
 Merv - assassination of Yazdegerd III
  - battle in 1510
 MESAN - in Central African Republic
  - tour through time
 Mesoamerican hieroglyphs
 mesolithic - division of the Stone Age
  - tour through time
  - creation story
  - harp, lyre and lute
  - writing
  - annexed as Roman province
  - abandoned as Roman province
 Mesosoic era - and geological periods
 Messalina - married to Claudius
  - executed by Claudius
 Messana - Latin name for Messina
 Messenia - annexed by Sparta
  - liberated by Epamonidas
 Messerschmitt 109 - in the Battle of Britain
 Messiah - origin of the concept
  - meaning of word
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