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 Matilda - and the throne of England
  - brief biography
  - ennobles Aubrey de Vere
 Matilda of Scotland - and Henry I
 Matlock (Derbyshire)
 Matsubayashi, Tsuronosuke - potter
 Mattathias - father of Judas Maccabaeus
 Matteotti, Giacomo - murdered by Fascists
 Matterhorn - Edward Whymper
 Matthew, St - and the Gospels
 Matthew's Gospel - infancy of Jesus
 Matthias Corvinus - king of Hungary
  - captures Vienna in 1485
 Mauchline (Strathclyde)
 Maud (Tennyson)
 Maude, Stanley - captures Baghdad
 Maudsley Hospital
 Maufe, Edward - Guildford cathedral
 Maugham, Somerset
  - becomes a doctor
  - and Graham Sutherland
 Mau Mau - terrorist movement in Kenya
 Maumbury Rings - Dorchester
 Maumee river - battles, 1791 and 1794
 Maundy money
 Mauretania - launched in 1906
  - brief account
 Maurice, emperor - and Ravenna
  - and Khosrau II
 Maurice, F.D. - muscular Christianity
 Maurice of Nassau
  - and military tactics
 Maurice of Saxony - and church lands
  - brought within French empire
 Mauritius - and Tipu Sultan
  - and Britain
 Mauritshuis - and Vermeer's View of Delft
 Mauryan dynasty
 Mausoleum - at Halicarnassus
 Max Gate - Thomas Hardy
 Maxim, Hiram
 Maximian - bishop of Ravenna
 Maximian - Roman emperor
 Maximilian I
  - and Henry VII
  - and the Swiss
  - and Perkin Warbeck
 Maximilian I - duke of Bavaria
 Maximilian, emperor of Mexico
 maximum - in the French revolution
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