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 Mansion House (London)
 Manson, Patrick - and malaria
  - discovers insect-vector transmission
  - London School of Tropical Medicine
  - and perspective
  - and perspective
  - and the introduction of canvas
  - and engraving
 mantle - of the earth
 Mantovani, Annunzio Paolo
 Mantua - and Monteverdi's Orfeo
 Manuel I - king of Portugal
  - and Vasco da Gama
 Manuel II - king of Portugal
 manuscripts - and Charlemagne
  - and the Carolingian script
 Manutius, Aldus - printer in Venice
  - Roman and italic scripts
 Manx cat
 Manyoshu - Japanese anthology
 Manzikert - battle in AD 1071
 Maori - arrival in New Zealand
 map - of Roman roads
 map of the world - by Anaximander
  - by Hecateus
 Mappa Mundi - medieval map of the world
  - example in Hereford
  - tour through time
 Mapungubwe - ancient kingdom in Africa
 maquis - French resistance movement
 Maracaibo - and oil
 Marat, Jean Paul - and the Cordeliers
  - September massacres
  - assassinated in 1793
 Marathon - battle in 490 BC
 Maravi Confederacy - 16th-18th century
 Marble Arch (London)
 Marble Hill House
 Marburg - first Protestant university
  - and Papin's steam engine
 Marcellus - nephew of Augustus Caesar
 Marcellus, Theatre of - and Sheldonian
 March, Ides of - and Julius Caesar
 Marchand, Jean-Baptiste - and Fashoda
 Marches (England and Wales)
 Marcia - mistress of Commodus
 Marconi, Guglielmo
  - and Cipango
  - and the Assassins
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