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 MacDiarmid, Hugh
 Macdonald, Flora - and Bonnie Prince Charlie
  - brief biography
 Macdonald, Margaret - Glasgow School
 MacDonald, Ramsay
  - brief biography
 MacDonalds - and Glencoe
 mace (in British parliament)
  - in Persian empire
  - defeated by Rome in 197 BC
 Macfarlan, J.F. - and Glaxo
 McFarlane, Robert - Iran-Contra affair
 McGill, Donald (seaside postcards)
 MacGonagall, William
 MacGregor, Robert - Rob Roy
 Machado, Gerardo - and Cuba
 Machel, Samora - president of Mozambique
 Machiavelli, Niccolò - and Il Principe
  - and Cesare Borgia
 machine tools - Wilkinson's metal drill
 Machu Picchu - and Inca masonry
  - discovery of the city
 Macías Nguema - in Equatorial Guinea
 McIndoe, Archie
  - and the 'guinea pigs'
 Macintosh, Charles - and the mackintosh
 Mackenzie, Alexander
 Mackenzie, Compton
  - and Barra
 Mackenzie, James - experiments with digitalis
  - research using ECG
 Mackenzie, Osgood - Inverewe
 Mackenzie River - route into America
  - in 1789
 McKinley, William - wins election of 1896
  - and Cuba
  - assassinated in 1901
 mackintosh (garment)
 Mackintosh, Charles Rennie
  - and Art Nouveau
 MacLean, Alistair
 Macleod, George - Iona Community
 Macleod, Iain
 Macmillan, Harold - prime minister of UK
  - and the European Community
  - and the wind of change
  - brief biography
  - 'selling the family silver'
 MacMillan, Kenneth
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