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 Lord's (cricket ground)
 Lord's Day Observance Society
 Lord's my Shepherd (hymn)
 Lords, House of
 Lords Spiritual
 Lorenz - German code
 Lorenzo the Magnificent
 Lorenzoni, Michele - and breech-loading
 Loretto (the school)
 Lorimer, Robert - Order of the Thistle
  - Scottish War Memorial
 Lorna Doone (Blackmoor)
 Lorraine - origin
  - and the peace of Westphalia
  - ceded to Germany in 1871
  - returned to France in 1919
 Los Millares - Neolithic cemetery
 Loss, Joe
 Lossow, Otto von - in the Munich putsch
 Lost Chord (Sullivan)
 Lothair I - son of Charlemagne
 Lothario (Rowe)
 Lotherton Hall - Leeds
 Lothian - and the Scottish kingdom
 Lothol - in the Indus civilization
 lottery (in Britain)
 Loudon, John and Jane
 Louis I of Bavaria - abdication in 1848
 Louis I of Hungary - and Poland
 Louis II - king of Bohemia
  - king of Hungary from 1516
 Louis VII - and the second crusade
  - at consecration of St Denis
 Louis VIII - king of France
  - and the Albigensian crusade
 Louis IX, king of France (St Louis)
  - and the first regular parlement
  - and the Sainte Chapelle
  - and the seventh crusade
  - arbitrating on the Provisions of Oxford
 Louis X - king of France
  - and the Salic Law
 Louis XI - king of France
  - and the duchy of Burgundy
  - at Picquigny in 1475
  - and royal mail
 Louis XII - and Italy
  - marriage annulled by pope
  - marries sister of Henry VIII
 Louis XIII, king of France
  - and ballet
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