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 Lord Advocate (in Scotland)
 lord and vassal - in feudalism
 Lord Chamberlain
 Lord Chamberlain's Men - and Shakespeare
 Lord Chancellor
 Lord Chief Justice
 Lord Deputy - in Dublin
 Lord in the Attic - in Amsterdam
 Lord Jim (Conrad)
 Lord Lieutenant
 Lord Mayor, of London
 Lord Mayor's Banquet
 Lord Mayor's Show
 Lord of the Flies
 lord of the manor - and the manorial court
 Lord of the Rings
 Lord President of the Council
 Lord Privy Seal
 Lord's (cricket ground)
 Lord's Day Observance Society
 Lord's my Shepherd (hymn)
 Lords, House of
 Lords Spiritual
 Lorenz - German code
 Lorenzo the Magnificent
 Lorenzoni, Michele - and breech-loading
 Loretto (the school)
 Lorimer, Robert - Order of the Thistle
  - Scottish War Memorial
 Lorna Doone (Blackmoor)
 Lorraine - origin
  - and the peace of Westphalia
  - ceded to Germany in 1871
  - returned to France in 1919
 Los Millares - Neolithic cemetery
 Loss, Joe
 Lossow, Otto von - in the Munich putsch
 Lost Chord (Sullivan)
 Lothair I - son of Charlemagne
 Lothario (Rowe)
 Lotherton Hall - Leeds
 Lothian - and the Scottish kingdom
 Lothol - in the Indus civilization
 lottery (in Britain)
 Loudon, John and Jane
 Louis I of Bavaria - abdication in 1848
 Louis I of Hungary - and Poland
 Louis II - king of Bohemia
  - king of Hungary from 1516
 Louis VII - and the second crusade
  - at consecration of St Denis
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