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 Little, John - Observatory, Richmond
 Little Bighorn river - battle of 1876
 Little Dorritt (Dickens)
  - Thames at Richmond
 Little Englanders
 Little Jack Horner (nursery rhyme)
 Little John - and Robin Hood
 Little Lord Fauntleroy (Burnett)
 Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire
 Little Poland - region around Cracow
 Little Testament - by Villon
 Littlewood, Joan
 Littlewoods - pools
 liturgical drama - in medieval Europe
 Liu Tingxun - and his pottery guardians
 Liverpool - and the triangular trade
  - and Lanchashire's cotton
  - and the Laird steamships
  - brief history
 Liverpool, Lord
  - appoints first Medical Officer of Health
 Liverpool and Manchester railway
 Liverpool Football Club
 Liverpool Street (railway station)
  - and Bedlam
 Lives of the Caesars - by Suetonius
 Lives of the Poets - by Johnson
 Livia Drusilla - second wife of Augustus
 Livingstone - capital of Northern Rhodesia
 Livingstone, David - as missionary
  - reaches Lake Nyasa
  - apparently lost in the 1860s
  - and Stanley in 1871
  - and Lake Tanganyika in 1872
  - and the Congo river
  - brief biography
 Livonia - term for Latvia and Estonia
 Livonian War - of 1558-73
 Livorno - and Florence in 1421
 Livs - tribe in Estonia
 Lizard (peninsula)
  - and Marconi
 llama - domestication
  - beast of burden in Peru
 Llandrindod Wells
 Llanfairpwllgwyngyll etc
  - first Women's Institute
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