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 Lindisfarne, Northumberland - foundation of monastery
  - raided by Vikings
  - brief account
 Lindisfarne Gospels - and Celtic art
  - brief account
 Lindow man - as sacrificial victim
  - brief account
 Lindum - Lincoln
 Linear A - on clay tablets in Crete
 Linear B - the script of Mycenae
  - forgotten after the fall of Mycenae
  - brief account
 linen - earliest fragments
  - related items
 linga - symbol of Shiva
 lingua franca - and Aramaic
 Liniers, Santiago de - and Buenos Aires
 Linlithgow (Lothian)
 Linnaeus, or Carl von Linné
  - names Cinchona officinalis
  - visits Chelsea Physic Garden
  - on death
 Linnell, John - and Blake
  - and the Ancients
 Linz - and Hitler in 1938
 Lion and unicorn
 Lion Gate - at Mycenae
 Lionheart - nickname of Richard I
 lion hunt - of Ashurbanipal
 Lions (rugby team)
 Lippershey, Hans - and the telescope
 liquorice allsorts
 Lircay - battle in 1830
 Lisbon - recovered from Muslims in 1147
  - capital of Portugal from 1256
  - earthquake of 1755
  - and Candide
  - in the War of the Two Brothers
 Liseux, bishop of - shower of meteors
 Li Si - Legalist minister in China
 Lissouba, Pascal - president of Congo
 listed buildings (in Britain)
 Listener (magazine)
 Listen with Mother (radio)
 Lister, Joseph
  - uses his father's microscopes
  - investigates rabies inoculation
  - adoption of antisepsis in obstetrics
 Lister, Joseph Jackson - constructs new microscope
 Lister's Mill - Bradford
  - and Beethoven's Broadwood
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