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 Kipling, Rudyard
  - 'East is East, and West is West'
 Kipps (H.G. Wells)
 Kiribati - and Britain
 Kirk, John - consul in Zanzibar
 Kirk o'Field - and Henry Darnley
 Kirkstall Abbey - Leeds
 Kirov, Sergei - assassinated in 1934
 Kirtland, Ohio - and the Mormons
 Kish - conquered by Sargon
 Kishinev - massacre of Jews in 1941
 Kisimul - and Castlebay
 Kitab al jabr w'al-muqabala - al-Khwarizmi
 Kit-Cat Club
 Kitchener, Herbert - victory at Omdurman
  - in the Boer War
  - brief biography
 Kit Kat (confectionery)
 Kivu - Tutsi rebels against Mobutu
  - Tutsi rebels against Kabila
 Klaus, Brother - Convention of Stans
 kleindeutsch - pattern for German unity
 Kleist, E.G. von - and the Leyden jar
 Kleomenes - king of Sparta
 Klinger, Friedrich - and Sturm und Drang
 Kliszow - battle in 1702
 Klondike - gold rush of 1897-8
 Knäred - peace in 1613
 Knavesmire - York racecourse
 Kneller, Godfrey
  - Kit-Cat Club
 Kneller Hall - military bands
 Knight, John - motor car pioneer
 Knight, Laura
 Knight, W.H. - and Cheltenham
 knights in armour - and the Franks
 Knights of St John of Jerusalem
  - and founding of hospitals
 Knights of the Sword - and Livonia
 Knights Templars
 Knightsbridge safe deposit boxes
 Knightshayes Court, Devon
 knitting - origins
 knitting machine - invented in 1589
 Knole, Kent
 Knoll, Max - develops first electron microscope
 Knossos - palace in Minoan Crete
 knot (nautical)
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