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 Homo erectus
  - increase in brain size
  - and fire
  - drops out of fossil record
 Homo habilis - or handy man
 homoios - and homoi-ousios
 homo-ousios - in doctrine of the Trinity
 homosexuality - in Athens
 Homs - battle in 1832
 Hong Kong - and Britain
  - falls to Japanese in 1941
 Honi soit qui mal y pense - Garter
 Honiton lace
 Honoria - sends her ring to Attila
 Honorius - and Alaric
  - and Ravenna
 Honorius III - Albigensian crusade
  - and the mendicant friars
 Honourable Artillery Company
 Honours of Scotland - Crown Jewels
 honours scandal - and Lloyd George
  - and the Dutch interior
 Hooke, Robert - spiral balance spring
  - and the microscope
  - brief biography
 Hooker, Joseph - swaps plants with George Staunton
 Hooker family
 Hooley, Purnell - Tarmac
 hooligan (the term)
 Hooper, John - Protestant martyr
 Hoover, Herbert - Latin America in 1928
 Hope, Anthony
 Hope, Thomas
 hopefully - arrival of word in English
 Hopetoun House
 Hopewell culture - in Ohio valley
 Hopkins, Gerard Manley
 Hopkins, Michael - Glyndebourne
 hoplites - in ancient Greece
  - and Athenian democracy
 Hopper, Thomas - Penrhyn Castle
 hopscotch (game)
 Horatius - and the bridge
 Horemheb - Egyptian pharaoh
 Horen, Die - edited by Schiller
 hormones - discovery
 Hormuz - and the Portuguese
  - taken by Shah Abbas
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