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 Herrick, Robert
 Herschel, John - and Cameron
 Herschel, William
 Herschel family
 Herstmonceux - Royal Observatory
 Hertford (Hertfordshire)
 Hertogenbosch - and Hieronymus Bosch
 Hertzog, J.B.M. - in South Africa
 Herzen, Alexander
 Heseltine, Michael - and coal
 Hesiod - and Greek creation story
 Hess, Myra
 Hess, Rudolf - at the Nuremberg trials
 Hesse-Kassel - annexed by Prussia
 Hetepheres - innards in canopic jars
 Het Volk - established in 1905
 Heureaux, Ulises - in Dominican Republic
 Heveningham Hall
 Hever Castle
 Hexapla - Old Testament edition by Origen
 Heydrich, Reinhard - and the 'final solution'
 Heyer, Georgette
 Heylyn, Edward - Bow porcelain
 Hiawatha - and the Iroquois League
 Hibbert, James - Harris Museum
 Hibernia - Roman name for Ireland
 Hibernian (football club)
 Hickey, Thomas - on the Macartney embassy
 Hidalgo y Costilla, Miguel
 Hidcote Manor Garden, Gloucestershire
 Hideyoshi, Toyotomi - Japanese warlord
  - invades Korea
  - and Japanese castles
  - and raku
 hieratic - Egyptian script
 Hiero II - and Archimedes
 High Commissioner
 Highland Association - An Comunn Gaidhealach
 Highland cattle
 Highland clearances - in Scotland
  - brief account
 Highland dress - banned from 1747 to 1782
  - brief account
 Highland fling
 Highlands of Scotland - and General Wade
  - brief description
 High Renaissance - in Florence and Rome
 Highland games
 High Sheriff
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