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 Harlequin - and the commedia dell'arte
  - brief account
 Harlot's Progress - by Hogarth
 harmonica - origins
 harness - for draught animals
 Haro, Luis de - favourite of Philip IV
 Harold II, king of England
  - son of Godwin
  - oath to William in the Bayeux tapestry
  - brief biography
 harp - in Mesopotamia
  - Celtic
 harpastum - Roman ball game
 harpsichord - invented by 1397
 Harpur, William - Bedford schools
 Harrier jump jet
 Harriott, Thomas - at Sherborne Castle
 Harris, Arthur ('Bomber')
 Harris, Howel - and Methodism in Wales
 Harris, Lord - and Kent CCC
 Harris, Thomas - Aylesbury
 Harris Museum and Art Gallery - Preston
 Harrison, John - and the chronometer
 Harrison, Rex
 Harrison, Thomas - resists execution
 Harrison, William Henry - in Indiana
 Harris tweed
 Harrow School
  - squash
  - rackets
 Hartnell, Norman
 Hart's Rules
 Harty, Hamilton
 Harun al-Rashid - and Baghdad
  - and Charlemagne
 Harvard University - founded in 1636
 Harvard, John - Stratford-upon-Avon
 Harvest Festival in Britain
 Harvest of Death - at Gettysburg
 Harvey, William
  - brief biography
  - ideas about blood
  - dissects his father and sister
 Hasan ibn Noman - destroys Carthage
 Hasdrubal - Carthaginian general
 Haselrig, Arthur - one of Five Members
 hashish - and the Assassins
 Hasidism - in 18th-century Judaism
 Hasmonaean dynasty - in Judaea
 Hassall, John - and bracing Skegness
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