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 Handel's Largo
 Handful of Dust (Waugh)
 hand guns - the earliest
 handloom weavers - purpose-built cottages
 hanging gardens - of Babylon
 hangmen (in Britain)
 han'gul - Korean alphabet
 Hangzhou - and Southern Song
  - falls to Mongols
  - in Marco Polo's account
  - and mandrake
  - and snake warfare
 Hanno - commander of Messina
  - commander at Trapani
 Hanover - and the Welf
  - in the 18th century
  - kingdom from 1814
  - and the Salic Law
  - annexed by Prussia
 Hanover, House of (on British throne)
 Hanseatic League
  - and Christian II
 Hansen, Gerhard - discovers leprosy bacterium
 Hansom, Joseph
  - and Birmingham
 Hanyang - as capital of Korea
 Happy Families (card game)
 hara-kiri - ritual suicide in Japan
 Harald Bluetooth - king of Denmark
  - conversion to Christianity
 Harald Hardraade - and Stamford Bridge
 Harar - Muslim sultanate
  - brought within Ethiopia
 Harare - European settlement in 1890
 Hardenberg, Prince - Congress of Vienna
 Hardicanute - son of Canute
 Hardie, James Keir
  - and Merthyr Tydfil in 1900
  - brief biography
 Harding, Gilbert
 Hardingstone - Eleanor cross
 Hardouin-Mansart - and Versailles
 hard-paste porcelain - and soft-paste
 Hard Times (Dickens)
 Hardwick, Philip - Euston Station
  - Paddington station
 Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire - and glazed windows
  - brief account
 Hardy, Thomas
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