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 Hadrian's Wall - construction ordered
  - built in AD 122-30
  - and Roman correspondence
  - brief account
 haemoglobin - discovery
  - structure identified
  - and oxygen
 haemoglobinometer - history
  - and ideas about blood
 haemophilia - tsarevich Alexis
 Hafiz, Mohammad - and Persian poetry
 Hafod Pit - in Rhondda
 Hafsids - Berber dynasty
 Hagar - concubine of Abraham
  - and Mecca
 Hagen - in the Nibelungenlied
 Haggar, Reginald - potter
 Haggard, Rider
 Hagley Hall - Greek Revival
 Hague, The - and the pendulum clock
 Hague, William - Tory leader
 Hahn, Kurt - Gordonstoun
 Hahnemann, Samuel - founder of homeopathy
 Haig, Douglas - World War I commander-in-chief
  - brief biography
 Haigh, John George - acid bath murders
 Haile Malakot - king of Shewa
 Haile Selassie
  - tour through time
  - and the French in 1664
  - and Bolívar in exile
 Hakluyt, Richard
 halberd - as used by the Swiss
 Haldane family
 Hale, Matthew - common law
 Hales, Stephen - and the pneumatic trough
  - makes air ventilators for prisons
  - investigates remedy for bladder stones
  - measures blood pressure in horse
 Half Moon - and Henry Hudson
 Halicarnassus - the mausoleum
 Halifax (Britain)
 Halifax gibbet - early guillotine
 Hall, Benjamin - and Big Ben
 Hall, Henry
 Hall, John - and breech-loading
 Hallam, Arthur - and Tennyson
  - In Memoriam
 Hallé Orchestra
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