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 HMV (company)
 Hoare, Henry - and Stourhead
 Hoare, Samuel - Hoare-Laval Peace Plan
  - and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement
 Hoban, James - design for White House
 Hobart - founded in 1804
  - landscape painting
 Hobbes, Thomas
 Hobbit (Tolkien)
 Hobbs, Jack
 Hobhouse, John Cam - and Byron
 Hobson, William - in New Zealand
 Hobson's Choice (Brighouse)
  - the phrase
 Hoche, Lazare - Irish invasion of 1796
 hockey - origins of game
  - in Britain
 Hockney, David - pop art
 Hodgkin, Dorothy - discovers structure of antibiotics
 Hodgkin, Thomas - Guy's Hospital
 Hoffnung, Gerard
 Hofland, T.C. - and Hilditch
 Hogarth, William
  - Beggar's Opera
  - in Bristol
  - copyright
  - Gin Act
  - brief biography
  - selected engravings
  - selected narrative and genre scenes
  - selected portraits
 Hogmanay - New Year
 Hohenlinden - battle in 1800
 Hohenstaufen - dynasty of German kings
  - end of the dynasty
 Hohenzollern - and Brandenburg
 Hokusai - and the Japanese colour print
 Holbein, Hans
  - brief biography
  - and miniatures
  - experiments with miniatures
  - 'Flanders mare'
  - The Ambassadors (Encyclopedia of Britain)
 Holburne of Menstrie Museum - Bath
 Holden, Charles - London Transport
 Holford, Robert - Westonbirt Arboretum
 Holiday, Henry - Hunting of the Snark
 Holinshed, Raphael
 Holker Hall
 Holkham - and Coke of Norfolk
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