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 Garter - order of knighthood
  - brief account
 Garvin, James - and Observer
 gas - origin of word
  - in Britain
  - in World War I
 Gascons - and Roncesvalles
  - and Poitiers
 Gaskell, Elizabeth
 Gasson, Barry - Burrell Collection
 gas sylvestre - or carbon dioxide
 gastroscopy - first performed on sword swallower
 Gates, Horatio - at Saratoga
 Gateshead (Tyne and Wear)
 Gathas - section of the Avesta
 'Gather ye Rose-buds while ye may'
 Gattamelata - statue by Donatello
 Gatun Lake - created for Panama Canal
 Gatwick airport
 gauchos - in Argentina
 Gaugamela - battle in 331 BC
 Gaul - and the Celts
  - Transalpine and Cisalpine as provinces
  - and Julius Caesar
 Gaunt, John of - marries heiress of Castile
  - and Portugal
  - and Wycliffe
  - confiscation of his lands
  - brief biography
 Gautama - the Buddha
 Gavere - battle in 1453
 Gaveston, Piers - and Edward II
 Gawain - and King Arthur
 Gawain and the Green Knight
  - brief account
 Gay, John
  - and the Beggar's Opera
 Gay News (in Britain)
 Gaza - Philistine city
  - and Napoleon in 1799
  - in World War I
 Gazette de France - first French newspaper
 gazumping (in Britain)
 Gdansk - seized by Teutonic knights
  - ceded to Prussia in 1793
  - and German claims in 1938
 Geats - in Beowulf
 Geddes, Jennes - in St Giles' Cathedral
 Geddington - Eleanor cross
 Gediminas - Lithuanian ruler
  - and Casimir III
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