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 Franklin, Rosalind - DNA
  - tour through time
  - in the 3rd century AD
  - move south of Rhine
  - name for crusaders
 Franks, History of the - Gregory of Tours
 Frari - and Titian's Assumption
 Fraser river - gold rush in 1858
 Frazer, James
 Frederick I - Holy Roman emperor
  - and the third crusade
 Frederick I - king in Prussia
 Frederick I - king of Denmark
 Frederick I - king of Sweden
 Frederick II - Holy Roman emperor
  - the 'baptized sultan'
  - and the sixth crusade
  - and classical influences
 Frederick II - king of Denmark
  - and Tycho Brahe
 Frederick II, king of Prussia (Frederick the Great)
 Frederick III - emperor of Germany
 Frederick III - king of Sicily
 Frederick III - Holy Roman emperor
 Frederick III - king of Denmark
  - and the Kongeloven
 Frederick V - as king of Bohemia
 Frederick VI - king of Denmark
 Frederick VII - king of Denmark
  - and Schleswig-Holstein
 Frederick Augustus I - elector of Saxony
 Frederick Barbarossa - name of Frederick I
  - and the third crusade
 Frederick Louis - son of George II
 Frederick the Great
  - origin of name
  - and the Seven Years' War
 Frederick the Wise - and Luther
 Frederick William - and Brandenburg
  - and the Prussian army
 Frederick William I - king in Prussia
  - treatment of Frederick II
 Frederick William II - king of Prussia
  - in the French Revolutionary Wars
 Frederick William III - king of Prussia
  - declares war on France in 1806
 Frederick William IV
 Frederiksborg - treaty of 1720
 Fredrikshamn - treaty of 1809
 free burghers - at Cape Town
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