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 football (in Britain)
 Football Association
 Football League
 Foote, Andrew - Forts Henry and Donelson
 Foot Guards (in Britain)
 footwear - of the man in the ice
 Forbes, John - and Cheltenham
 Forbes, Stanhope - Newlyn
 Forbes, William - and Craigievar
 Forbidden City - and Chinese architecture
 forceps - in obstetrics
 Forces Vives - in Madagascar
 Forde, Florrie
 Ford's Theatre - and death of Lincoln
 Foreign Legion - and Joseph Weglarski
 Foreign Office in Britain
 Foreskin, the Holy - in medieval Europe
 Forester, C.S.
 Forest of Dean
 Forestry Commission
 Formby, George
 Formigny - battle in 1450
 Forms - in Platonic theory
 Fornovo - battle in 1495
 Forster, E.M.
  - and Billy Budd
 Forster, John - Dickens and Richmond
 Forster's Act - education in Britain
 Forsyte Saga (Galsworthy)
 Forsyth, Alexander - and percussion
 Forsyth, Gordon - potter
 Forsyth, Moira - potter
 Fort Carillon - in French and Indian War
 Fort Chipewyan - and Alexander Mackenzie
 Fort-Dauphin - and the French
 Fort Donelson - in 1862
 Fort Duquesne - taken by the French in 1754
  - recovered by the British
 Fort Garry - Hudson's Bay Company
  - and the Red River Rebellion of 1869
 Fort Gibraltar - North West Company
 Fort Greenville - treaty of 1795
 Fort Henry - in 1862
 Fort James - in Gambia in 1661
 Fort Jesus - taken by Omanis in 1698
 Fort Laramie - on the Oregon Trail
 Fort Le Boeuf - French and Indian War
 Fort St George - in 1639
 Fort Sumter - and the Civil War
 Fort Washington - built in 1789
 Fort William (Calcutta) - in 1696
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