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 Festival Hall, London
 Festival of Britain - in 1951
  - brief account
 Fêtes de Versailles - and Le Nôtre
 fêtes galantes - and Watteau
 Fettes College
 feudal - the word
 feudal fees - in the manorial system
  - and Tokugawa shogunate
  - in Britain
 Few, The - in the Battle of Britain
  - brief account
 Fezzan - in Libya
 Ffestioniog Railway
 Fianna - and the Fenians
 Fianna Fáil - origin of party
 Ficino, Marsilio - and Plato
  - and Botticelli
 Fick, Adolf - and contact lenses
 fief - in feudalism
 Field, magazine
 Field, Winston - prime minister of Rhodesia
 Fielding, Henry
  - brief biography
 Field of Cloth of Gold - and Francis I
  - brief account
  - as a turning point in history
 Fields, Gracie
 Fiesole - and the Etruscans
  - seized by Florence in 1125
 Fifteen, The - Jacobite uprising
  - brief account
 Fifteenth Amendment - to US Constitution
 Fifth Republic - in France
 Figaro - as a character
 Figaro, Le - and the commune of 1871
 Figg, James - champion prize-fighter
  - and boxing in Britain
 fighter planes - in World War I
 Fighting Téméraire (Turner)
 Fiji - first settlement
  - discovered by Europeans in 1643
  - and Britain
 fijnschilders - and Gerrit Dou
 filioque - in doctrine of the Trinity
 Fille Mal Garde^ (Ashton)
 Filocolo and Filostrato - of Boccaccio
 'final solution' - and the Jews
 Financial Times
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