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 Essex, earl of - and Elizabeth I
  - brief biography
 Essex, third earl - and English Civil War
 Essling - battle in 1809
 Establishment (in Britain)
 Estado Novo - in Brazil
 Estado Novo - of Salazar
 estates general - in Paris in 1302
  - at Versailles in 1789
  - in Russia, zemski sobor
 estates of the realm (in Britain)
 Este, Alfonso d' - and Titian
 Este, Isabella d' - and intermezzi
 Esterházy family - and Haydn
 Esther - oratorio by Handel
 Estigarribia, José Félix - in Paraguay
  - tour through time
  - acquired by Russia in 1721
 Estrada Cabrera, Manuel - in Guatemala
 L'état c'est moi - Louis XIV
 etching - from the 16th century
  - and Dürer
 Eternal Father strong to save
 Ethelbert, king of Kent - and St Augustine
 Ethelfled - daughter of Alfred the Great
 Ethelgar. A Saxon poem - by Chatterton
 Ethelred the Unready - origin of name
  - marries Emma of Normandy
  - brief biography
 Ethics - by Aristotle
  - and Lucy
  - Greek name for Sudan and Ethiopia
  - source of the Blue Nile
  - famine in 1984
 Ethiopian monks - and Holy Sepulchre
  - at the Council of Florence
 ethnic minorities in Britain
 Eton Boating Song - by Cory
 Eton College
  - and fives
  - and Horace Walpole
 Etruria - Wedgwood factory
 Etruria, kingdom of - and Portugal
 Etruscans - as kings of Rome
  - and gladiatorial contests
 Etruscan tombs - murals
 Ettenheim - and the duke of Enghien
 Etty, William - and York
 E-type Jaguar
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