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 Crabbe, George
  - Peter Grimes
 Crab Nebula - origin in AD 1054
 Crace, J.D. - Knightshayes Court
 Cracow - occupied by Wenceslas II
  - becomes capital of Poland
  - destroyed by Mongols in 1241
  - university founded in 1364
 Craig, Edward Gordon - and Ellen Terry
 Craig, James - and Edinburgh New Town
 Craig, James (Viscount Craigavon)
 Craigievar Castle
 Craigmillar Castle
 Cramond (Roman fort)
 Cranach, Lucas the elder
  - woodcuts for Luther's New Testament
 Crane, Walter
 Cranko, John
 Cranmer, Thomas - and the royal divorce
  - and the Book of Common Prayer
  - as Protestant martyr
  - brief biography
  - Thirty-nine Articles
 Cranston, Miss - Glasgow tea rooms
 Cranwell (Lincs)
 Crassus - and Julius Caesar
  - death in 53 BC
 Cratchit, Bob - A Christmas Carol
 Crathes Castle
 Crathie - and Balmoral
 Crazy Gang
 Crazy Horse
 Creation, The - by Haydn
 Crécy - longbow versus crossbow
  - brief account
  - as a turning point in history
 Creek Indians - and the Great Removal
 cremation - history
  - associated with atheism
 Creoles - in Spanish America
  - as a term in Sierra Leone
 Cresci, Gianfrancesco - and Essemplare
 Crespin, Jean - Book of Martyrs
  - and Venice
  - captured by Turkey in 1669
  - campaign for union with Greece
 Crichton Castle
 Crick, Francis - and DNA
  - discovers double-helix
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