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 Coronation (in Britain)
 Coronation Chair (Westminster Abbey)
 Coronation chicken
 Coronel - sea battle in 1914
 coroner (in Britain)
 corporal punishment (in Britain)
 Corporation Act - in 1661
  - and Clarendon Code
 Corpus Christi - and mystery plays
 corridors of power (the phrase)
 Corrientes - in War of the Triple Alliance
 Corries, The - Flower of Scotland
 Corsi, Jacopo - and the first opera
 Corsica - as Roman province
  - annexed by Vandals
  - and Muslim raids
  - and Napoleon
 Cort, Henry
  - iron and steel
 Cortes - 13th-century Spain and Portugal
  - in Cadiz in 1810
 Cortes, Hernando
  - the Barberini palace
 Corumbá - in War of the Triple Alliance
 Corunna - engagement of 1809
  - brief account
 corvée - in 18th-century Bohemia
 Cosgrave, William - and the Free State
 Così fan tutte - by Mozart
 Cosimo I - grand duke of Tuscany
 Cosimo de' Medici - or pater patriae
  - tour through time
 Cossacks - rebellion of 1648-57
  - and Siberia
  - in Russian civil war
 Costa, Lúcio - and Brasilia
 Costello, John - Republic of Ireland bill
 Costume, Museum of - Bath
  - French colony from 1893
  - asylum for Ojukwu
 Cotman, John Sell - and watercolour
  - brief biography
  - and the Norwich School
 cotton - earliest fragments
  - in Peru in 2500 BC
  - in Indus valley
  - staple product in southern USA
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