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 Commons, House of
 Commonwealth - in England from 1649
  - brief account
 Commonwealth conferences - from 1887
 Commonwealth Day
 Commonwealth Games
 Commonwealth Institute
 Commonwealth of Nations
 Communauté, La - French ex-colonies
 Commune of Paris - in 1871
 communes - in medieval Italy
  - in medieval Flanders
  - tour through time
 communion - replacing mass in 1525
  - tour through time
 Communist League - in London in 1847
 Communist Manifesto
 Communist Party of Great Britain
 Communists - in World War II resistance movements
 Comonfort, Ignacio - president of Mexico
 Compacts of Prague - agreed in 1433
 Companions of Honour (in Britain)
 Compaoré, Blaise - in Burkina Faso
 compass - first use of
 Compendium of Military Technology
 Compiègne - and Joan of Arc
 Compiègne, Forest of - armistice of 1918
 Compleat Angler
 composite bow - origins
 composite order - in architecture
 comprehensive school
 Compromise - in Hungary in 1867
 Compromise of 1850 - regarding slavery
 Compton - home of G.F. Watts
 Compton-Burnett, Ivy
 Compton Wynyates
 computer - world's first at Bletchley Park
 computer tomography (CT) scanner - history
  - used in archaeology
 Comrie - museum of tartan
 Comunn Gaidhealach - Highland Association
 Comus - by Milton
  - in Ludlow castle
 Comyn, John - murdered in 1306
  - and Robert the Bruce
 Conakry - and the PAIGC
  - captured in mutiny of 1996
 Conan Doyle, Arthur
 concentration camps - in Cuba in the 1890s
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