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 Carroll, Lewis
 Carry On series
 Carson, Edward - and the Ulster Volunteers
  - and the Home Rule Act of 1914
  - coalition of 1916
  - brief biography
 cart - first known example
 Cartagena - or New Carthage
  - captured by Byzantines from Visigoths
 Cartagena, Manifesto de - by Bolívar
 Carter, Howard - and tomb of Tutankhamen
 Carter, Jimmy - and the Panama Canal Zone
  - tour through time
  - as Christian centre
  - captured by Vandals
  - the exarchate, from the 6th century
 carthorses (in Britain)
  - and the Act of Supremacy
  - at Shene
 Cartier, Jacques - and New France
 Cartland, Barbara
 cartridge - first use
  - for 17th-century cannon
 Cartwright, Edmund - and the power loom
 Cartwright Hall - Bradford
 Caruso, Enrico - in the Manaus opera house
 carvel - in boat-building
 Casabianca, Jacques de - in 1798
 Casablanca - Allied landing in 1942
  - conference in 1943
  - riots in 1981
 Casa de Contratación - in Seville
 Casamance - and separatism
 Casanova, Giacomo - uses condoms
 casement - form of window
 Casement, Roger
  - and the Congo Free State
  - brief biography
 Caseros - battle in 1852
 Cashel - and Brian Boru
 Casimir III - king of Poland
  - welcomes Jews to Poland
 Casket Letters - and Mary Queen of Scots
  - brief account
 Cassandra (William Connor)
 Cassandre - and Ronsard
 Cassini, Giovanni Domenico
 Cassius - assassination of Caesar
  - in the Inferno
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