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 Caral - archaeological site in Peru
 Caravaggio, Michelangelo Marisi da
 caravel - sailing ship of the 15th century
 Carberry Hill - engagement in 1567
 Carbonari - secret society
 carbon dioxide - and van Helmont
  - Black and Lavoisier
  - Stephen Hales
 Carchemish - battle in 612 BC
 Cardano, Girolamo - and Ars Magna
 Cárdenas, Lázaro - president of Mexico
 cardiac catheterisation - development of
 Cardigan, Lord - at Balaklava
  - slipware
  - at Abuja, Nigeria
  - brief biography
 cardigan (garment)
 Cardoso, Fernando Henrique - and Brazil
 Caretaker, The (Pinter)
 Cargoes (Masefield
 Carham - battle in 1018
 Caria - and king Mausolus
  - tour through time
  - and yellow fever
 Caribbeans - in Britain
 Caribs - on the Caribbean islands
 Carinthia - duchy attached to Austria
 Carisbrooke Castle
 Carlile, Wilson - and the Church Army
 Carlisle - and Mary Queen of Scots
  - captured in 1745 by Young Pretender
  - brief history of town
 Carlism - in 19th-century Spain
 Carloman - brother of Charlemagne
 Carlos I - king of Portugal
 Carlos, Don - brother of Ferdinand VII
 Carlota - empress of Mexico
 Carlota Joaquina - wife of John VI
 Carl Rosa Opera Company
 Carlton Club - meeting in 1922
  - brief history
 Carlton House (1783-1827)
 Carlyle, Thomas
  - London Library
  - and Julia Margaret Cameron
  - and Work
 Carmona, António - president of Portugal
 Carnarvon, earl of - and Tutankhamen
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