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 Burns, Robert
 Burns Night
 burnt offerings - in ritual sacrifice
 Burntollet bridge - civil rights march
 Burrell, William - Berwick Art Gallery
 Burrell Collection (Glasgow)
 Burrows, Arthur - and the BBC
 Bursa - falls to Ottoman Turks
 Burslem - Wood family of potters
 Burt, Cyril - and intelligence
 Burton, clothing group
 Burton, Decimus - Palm House at Kew
  - London Zoo
 Burton, Richard - source of the Nile
  - and Salt Lake City
  - and the Amazons of Dahomey
  - brief biography
 Bury St Edmunds
  - site of medieval hospitals
 bus - related images
 Busby, Matt
 Buschman, C.F.L. - the mouth organ
 Bush, George - and Panama
 Bush House, London
 bushido - code of the samurai
 Bushmen - old name for the San
 Busia, Kofi - president of Ghana
 Bussa - and Mungo Park
  - reached by Lander in 1830
 Bustan - of Sa'di
 busts - in Roman sculpture
 Bute, 3rd earl of - and George III
 Buthelezi, Mangosuthu - Zulu chief
  - in the Mandela government
 Butler, Eleanor - Llangollen
 Butler, Rab - and Butskellism
  - brief biography
 Butler, Samuel (author of Erewhon)
 Butler family - earls of Ormonde
 Butt, Isaac - and Home Rule
 Buttall, Jonathan - The Blue Boy
 Butterfield, William
 butterscotch - sweets in Britain
 Buttevant church - and steeplechasing
 butty, in northern England
 Buxton, Derbyshire
 Buyoya, Pierre - president of Burundi
 Byblos - and Phoenician ships
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