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 burial - of soldiers in the Roman Empire
  - in linen
  - fear of being buried alive
  - in woollen
 Burial of Sir John Moore
 Burke, Edmund - and American colonies
  - brief biography
  - answered by Paine
  - in The Club
 Burke, Robert O'Hara - across Australia
 Burke and Hare
  - supply bodies to anatomy school
  - and Grassmarket
 Burke's Peerage
 Burlington, earl of - and Palladian style
  - brief biography
 Burlington Bertie
 Burlington House (London)
 Burma (now Myanmar) - and Buddhist monks
  - and Britain
  - falls to Japanese in 1942
  - campaign of 1943-5
 Burmah Oil
 Burmese - moving into Burma
 Burn, William - and Dunfermline
 Burne-Jones, Edward
  - Aesthetic Movement
  - and Birmingham
  - Kelmscott Press
  - selected works to 1880
  - selected works after 1880
 Burnett, Frances Hodgson
 Burney, Charles - and castrati
  - music historian
 Burney, Fanny
 burning of the books - in China in 213 BC
 Burns, Robert
 Burns Night
 burnt offerings - in ritual sacrifice
 Burntollet bridge - civil rights march
 Burrell, William - Berwick Art Gallery
 Burrell Collection (Glasgow)
 Burrows, Arthur - and the BBC
 Bursa - falls to Ottoman Turks
 Burslem - Wood family of potters
 Burt, Cyril - and intelligence
 Burton, clothing group
 Burton, Decimus - Palm House at Kew
  - London Zoo
 Burton, Richard - source of the Nile
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