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 Burbage, James - and the Theatre
  - and the Globe
 Burbage, Richard - and the Globe
  - brief biography
 Burckhardt, J.L. - and Petra
 Burden, Jane - marries William Morris
  - with Rossetti
 Bure - African gold field
 Burges, William
  - Cardiff Castle
  - Castell Coch
  - Knightshayes Court
 Burghclere (Stanley Spencer)
 burghers of Calais - siege of 1346-7
 Burghley House (Lincs)
 Burghley, Lord - and Elizabeth I
  - brief biography
 Burgh Police (Scotland) Act - of 1892
  - of 1862
 Burgon, Dean - and Petra
 Burgos - first capital of Castile
 Burgoyne, John - British commander
 Burgundians - 3rd century AD
  - Roman federates in Savoy
  - pay tribute to the Franks
  - and Armagnacs
 Burgundy - annexed by Franks
  - descendants of Hugh the Great
  - and the Capetian dynasty
  - in the Capetian and Valois families
  - war with the Swiss
  - and Philip the Bold in 1369
  - extent in the 15th century
  - marriage link with Habsburgs
  - the duchy merged with France
 burial - of soldiers in the Roman Empire
  - in linen
  - fear of being buried alive
  - in woollen
 Burial of Sir John Moore
 Burke, Edmund - and American colonies
  - brief biography
  - answered by Paine
  - in The Club
 Burke, Robert O'Hara - across Australia
 Burke and Hare
  - supply bodies to anatomy school
  - and Grassmarket
 Burke's Peerage
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