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 Boyle, Robert
  - and chemical compounds
  - brief biography
 Boyne - battle in 1690
  - brief account
 Boys, Thomas Shotter
 Boys' Clubs (in Britain)
 Boy's Own Paper
 Boz - and Dickens
 BP (British Petroleum)
 bracci - the three estates of Sicily
 Bracciolini, Poggio - and writing
 Braddock, Edward - French and Indian War
 Braden, Norah - potter
 Bradford (Yorks)
 Bradford, bishop of - and abdication crisis
 Bradford, William - governor of Plymouth
 Bradford-on-Avon (Wilts)
 Bradlaugh, Charles - and house of commons
  - brief biography
 Bradshaw (railway guide)
 Brady, Matthew - and the Civil War
 Braemar Castle
 Braemar Gathering
 Braes, Battle of the - in Skye
 Braganza, House of - in Portugal
 Brahe, Tycho - and Kepler
 Brahma - Hindu god
  - in Indian creation story
 Brahmans - in caste system
 Brain, Dennis
 brain death - defined by EEG
 Brains Trust (radio programme)
 Bramah, Joseph - water closet
 Bramante - and St Peter's
 Bramley (apple)
 Brancacci, Felice - and Masaccio
 Brandenburg - and the Hohenzollern
  - and Prussia
  - and William III
 Brandenburg Concertos - by J.S. Bach
 Brandon, Charles - and Grimsthorpe
 Brandon, David - Brecon Shire Hall
 Brandon, Richard - and Charles I
 Brands Hatch
 Brandt, Bill
 Brandt, Georg - and cobalt
 Brandywine - battle in 1777
 Brangwyn, Frank - Swansea Guildhall
 Brantwood - John Ruskin
 Brasilia - a capital for Brazil
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