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 Boodle's club (London)
 book - advantages over papyrus scroll
 Booker (food company)
 Booker Prize
 bookkeeping - double-entry
 Book of Common Prayer - and Cranmer
  - brief account
 Book of Lord Shang - and Legalism
 Book of Martyrs - by Jean Crespin
  - by John Foxe
 Book of Mormon - published in 1830
 Book of the Dead - in Egyptian tombs
  - related items
 book trade - in Athens
 Boole, George
 boomerang - Australian throwing stick
 boomers - on the run into Oklahoma
 Boomplaats - battle in 1848
 Boone, Daniel - on the 1755 expedition
  - and the Wilderness Road
 Boonesboro - and Daniel Boone
 Booth, John Wilkes - assassinates Lincoln
 Booth, William - Salvation Army
 Boots the chemist
 Bora, Catherine von - and Luther
 Borch, Gerard ter - and the Dutch interior
 Bordeaux - taken by Muslims in 732
 Borghese, Pauline - sculpted by Canova
 Borghese, Scipione - patron of Bernini
  - bust by Bernini
 Borgia, Cesare - son of pope Alexander VI
  - as duke of Romagna
  - and Machiavelli
 Borgia, Lucrezia - as duchess of Ferrara
 Borgu - disputed region
 Boris I - and Greek Orthodoxy in Bulgaria
 Bormann, Martin - at Hitler's wedding
 Borneo - reached by humans
 Bornu - African kingdom
  - reached by Europeans in 1823
 Borobudur - in Java
 Borodino - battle in 1812
 borough (in British politics)
 borstal (young offenders)
 Boscawen, Edward - at Lagos
 Bosch, Hieronymus
 Boscobel - and the escape of Charles II
  - brief account
 Bosnia - and Hungary
  - conquered by Mehmed II in 1463-4
  - occupied by Turks from 1464
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