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 Boerhaave, Hermann - teaches Edinburgh professors
 Boer War
  - and Canadian troops
  - brief account
 Boethius - in Anglo-Saxon
 Böttger, Johann Friedrich - and porcelain
 Boganda, Barthe^lemy - in CAR
 Bogazkoy - Hittite capital
 Bognor Regis
 Bogomil - Bulgarian heretic
 Bogotá - as capital of New Granada
  - rebellion of 1810
  - local independence in 1811-14
  - and Bolívar in 1819
  - tour through time
 Bohemian Girl (Balfe)
 Bohemund - and the principality of Antioch
 Boiardo, Matteo Maria
  - and Roland
 Boii - Celtic tribe
 Bojador, Cape - and the Portuguese
 Bokassa, Jean-Bedel - in CAR
  - acquitted of cannibalism
 Bolama - and the British in the 1790s
 Boland amendment - and Nicaragua
 Boleslaw III - king of Poland
 Bolingbroke, Viscount - Tory leader and philosopher
 Bolívar, Simón
  - and San Martín in 1822
  - in Gran Colombia 1826-30
  - as the first caudíllo
  - and Hugo Chavez
 Bolivarian Republic - of Venezuela
  - tour through time
 Bolling Hall (Bradford)
 Bologna - Roman colony
  - and Hannibal
  - and Gian Galeazzo Visconti
  - taken by Julius II in 1506
  - Julius II satirized by Erasmus
  - and Italian painting
 Bolsheviks - from 1903
  - become Russian Communist party
 Bolt, Robert
 bolt action - in rifles
 Bolton - and Mary Queen of Scots
  - brief account of town
 Bolton Abbey
 Bolton Wanderers (football club)
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