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 Black, Joseph
  - and latent heat
  - and the Scottish Enlightenment
  - brief biography
 Blackadder (TV character)
 Black army - of Matthias Corvinus
 Black Beauty (Sewell)
 Black Bess - and Dick Turpin
 Black Book - of Carmarthen
 Blackburn - brief history
 Blackburn Rovers (football club)
 black cap (in British courts)
 Black Codes - after the Civil War
 Black Consciousness - and Steve Biko
 Black Country (West Midlands)
  - and Ibn Batuta
  - in Britain
  - history of the disease
  - and quarantine in Medieval Europe
 Black Dyle Mills - brass bands
 Blackett, Patrick
 black-figure and red-figure - in Greek vases
 Black Friars - the Dominicans
 Blackfriars theatre - and Chamberlain's Men
 Black Hand - Serbian nationalists
 Blackheath (London )
  - and golf
  - and hockey
 Black Hills - and the Sioux
 Black Hole of Calcutta - in 1756
  - brief account
 Black Kettle - Cheyenne chieftain
 black letter - in calligraphy
  - in printing
 Black Monks - the Benedictines
 Blackpool (Lancs)
 Black Prince - son of Edward III
  - brief biography
 Black Rod (House of Lords)
 Black Sea - Greek settlers
 Blackshirts - Mussolini's armed thugs
  - also used of the SS
 Blackstone, William - common law
 Blacks and Whites - in Florence
 Black and Tans - in Ireland from 1920
  - brief account
 Black War - in Tasmania
 Black Week - in the Boer War
 Blackwell's (bookshop)
 Bladon - and Churchill
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