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 Banks, Joseph - and Captain Cook
  - and a penal colony in Australia
  - Kew Gardens
  - brief biography
 Bankside - and London's theatres
  - brief account
 Banna, Hasan al- - and Muslim Brotherhood
 Bannister, Roger - 4-minute mile
 bannock (unleavened bread)
 Bannockburn - battle in 1314
  - brief account
 Banque de France - established in 1800
 Banque Générale - in Paris in 1716
 banqueting hall, Norman - at Hedingham
 Banqueting House, Whitehall - by Inigo Jones
  - and Rubens
  - and Charles I
  - and death of Charles I
  - brief description
 Banting, Frederick - discovers insulin
 Bantock House - Wolverhampton
 Bantu - African tribes
 Bantu languages - region of origin
 Bantustans - in South Africa
 Banu Nabhan - king of Muscat and Oman
 Banzer Suarez, Hugo - president of Bolivia
 bap (Scottish bread roll)
 baptism - and the Reformation
 Baptism of Christ - by Piero della Francesca
 Baptistery in Florence - competition in 1401
 Baptists - origins
  - brief history
 Bar - of the House of Commons
 Bar, in British court of law
 Barakzai - tribe ruling in Afghanistan
  - settled in 1627
  - as thriving English colony
  - deportation from Ireland
  - and Britain
 Barbara Allen (in ballads)
 barbarian - in Indo-European languages
 Barbarians (Rugby union)
 Barbarossa - codename for invasion of Russia
 Barbarossa - Turkish corsair
  - and Nice in 1543
 Barbary coast - and Turkish corsairs
 barbed wire - on the plains of midwest USA
 Barberini palace - and Pietro da Cortona
 Barber Institute of Fine Arts
 barbers - linked with surgeons
 barber-surgeons - in 13th century Europe
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