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 Anne, queen of England
  - brought up as Anglican
  - and the Augustan Age
  - brief biography
  - and earl of Clarendon
 Anne, princess - marries William IV
 Anne Boleyn - courted by Henry VIII
  - execution
  - brief biography
 Anne Hathaway's Cottage
 Anne Hyde - and James II
 Anne of Austria - regent for Louis XIV
 Anne of Cleves - and Henry VIII
  - painted by Holbein
  - brief biography
  - and Richmond Palace
 Anne of Denmark - performs in masque
  - and James I
 Annie Laurie
 Annigoni, Pietro
 Anning, Mary - Lyme Regis
 Anno Domini - in Christian chronology
 Anno Hegirae - in Muslim chronology
 Anno Mundi - in Jewish chronology
 Annonay - and the first balloon flight
 'annual income twenty pounds'
 annus mirabilis - 1759
 another place (Houses of Parliament)
 Anschluss - Germany and Austria in 1938
 Anselm, St
  - Council of Rockingham
 Antananarivo - Merina capital
 Antarctica - and continental drift
 Anthem for Doomed Youth
 Anthony, St - Christian hermit and monk
 antibiotics - history
  - used to treat cancer
 Anti-Comintern Pact - Germany and Japan
  - Hungary and Bulgaria
 Anti-Corn Law League - founded in 1838
 antidepressants - history and use
 Antietam - battle in 1862
 Antigonus - Macedonian general
 Antigua - capital of Guatemala till 1773
 Antigua - island settled by 1636
  - and Britain
 Antimachiavell - by Frederick the Great
 Antimasonic party - and national convention
 Antioch - founded by Seleucus
  - taken by Persians in 540
  - falls to Persians in 611
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