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 Alliance (British politics 1983--7)
 Alliance Assurance - and Sun Alliance
 Allies, in the World Wars
 Allison, Richard - Science Museum
 alliteration - in Nordic verse
 alliterative verse - in English literature
  - brief description
 Alloway (Strathclyde)
 Alloway, Lawrence - pop art
 All people that on earth do dwell
 All's Well that Ends Well - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 All things bright and beautiful
 Alma - battle in 1854
 Almack, William - and clubs in London
 Almagest - of Ptolemy
 Almagro, Diego de - and Pizarro
  - executed
 Alma-Tadema, Lawrence
 Almira - opera by Handel
 Almohads - Berber dynasty
 Almoravids - Berber dynasty
 almshouse (in Britain)
 al-Musta'sim - last Abbasid caliph in Baghdad
 Alouite dynasty - in Morocco
 alpaca - domestication
 Alp Arslan - Seljuk sultan
 alphabet - origin in Phoenicia
  - adapted in Greece
  - Aramaic and Hebrew
  - and Ulfilas
  - Korean
 Alpin - father of Kenneth I of Scotland
 Alps - and Hannibal's elephants
  - in landscape painting
 al-Qaeda - and Osama bin Laden
 Al-Qanun f'il-Tibb - by Avicenna
 Al Qasr as Sa'id - treaty of 1881
 Alsace - origin
  - and the peace of Westphalia
  - ceded to France in 1714
  - ceded to Germany in 1871
  - returned to France in 1919
 al-Saffar - and Saffarid dynasty
 al-Sanusi al-Kabir - Sufi reformer
 Al-Sib - treaty of 1920
 Altamira - cave paintings
  - discovery of the cave
 Al-Tasrif - by Abul Kasim
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