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 Aesthetic Movement
 Afars and Issas - French Territory
 AFC - in Niger
 affair of the placards - in 1534
 Afonso I - king of Portugal
 Afonso IV - and Inês de Castro
  - tour through time
  - in Greek map of the world
  - first sea voyage round the continent
  - and the earliest castles
 African Association - of 1788
 African Economic Community Treaty - 1991
 African Lakes Company - in Nyasaland
 African National Congress
  - in Northern Rhodesia
 Afrikaans - and literature
 Afrikaans and Afrikaners - origin
 Afrikaner Nationalist Party - from 1914
 Afrikaner Party - Botha and Smuts
 Afro-Shirazi party - in Zanzibar
 Afro-Asiatic - language group of north Africa
 Afwerki, Isaias - president of Eritrea
 Aga Khan - leader of Nizari Ismailis
 Agacher Strip - disputed region
 Agadir - German gunboat in 1911
 Agamemnon - tragedy by Aeschylus
 Agassiz, Louis - and ice ages
 Agathocles - tyrant of Syracuse
 Age Concern
 Aghlabids - ruling from Kairouan
 Agincourt - battle in 1415
  - brief account
  - as a turning point in history
 Agnadello - battle in 1509
 Agnew, Thomas - and Roger Fenton
 Agni - god of the Aryans
 'agnostic' - coined by T.H. Huxley
 Agra - captured by Babur in 1526
  - imprisonment of Shah Jahan
 Agricola - governor of Britain
 Agricola - history by Tacitus
 agriculture - the beginnings
 Agrigentum - Greek temple
 Agrippa - and daughter of Augustus Caesar
 Agrippa Posthumus - son of Julia and Agrippa
  - murdered by Tiberius
 Agrippina - wife of Germanicus
  - related items
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