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Letter from Catherine Howard to Thomas Culpepper, 1541 This letter was used as evidence of Catherine Howard's adultery and helped to seal her fate. Catherine was Henry VIII's fifth wife and was only 19 years old when she married him, whereas Henry was almost fifty.

In this affectionate letter, Catherine, having heard that Thomas Culpepper (a great favourite of the King's) had recently fallen ill, urges him to send her word to let her know how he is. She writes that it causes her pain to be apart from him and wishes he could be with her. She asks him to provide a horse for this servant in order to aid communication. The letter ends with a fond, 'Yours as long as life endures'.

Culpepper was hanged and afterwards beheaded and quartered (his body cut into four parts) in December 1541 for adultery with the Queen. Catherine Howard was executed in February 1542.

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